Kids Challenges

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Tell us about your favourite hobby, sport or pastime!

Explain why you like it and tell us how long you have been doing it.
Or, create a tutorial on how to do your hobby (a step-by-step guide on how others can do it).

If you like baking, send me your favourite recipes with step-by-step info on how to do it. I am a terrible cook and baker, so any tips would be much appreciated!

If you are an avid reader – fiction, non-fiction, poems, comics – then write a review. What did you like about it? Would you recommend it?

Remember, this can be anything! Playing football, using social media sites or your favourite video game.

You can include images, drawings and photos. Remember to ask your parents permission if you’re using photos.

Pen a diary/journal entry about lock-down!

This could be: “A day in the life of a lock-down summer kid”. Or, you could write about what you have enjoyed about lock-down, what you have NOT enjoyed and even what you have found bizarre about lock-down!

You can make it personal and give your own account with your own experiences. Alternatively, you can make it up! It could be a fictional diary/journal in the style of ‘A Diary of A Whimpy Kid’.

Become an author: write a story, description or comic!

I’m not going to lie to you – I would like to see summer feature in it! It could be set in summer, it could be about looking forward to summer next year. Or, you could be cheeky, and have a character called Summer! However, it does NOT have to! The important thing is for you to unleash your creativity and bring your ideas to life!

Remember, the mode in which you tell your story is up to you. It could be a short-story; it could be told in letters; it could be a comic strip! It could evening be a description!

If you want, you can draw pictures to go with your story; or, your description.

Compose a song, poem, play-script or a work of art!

I am not going to lie – I would love summer to feature in it. This could be as a theme; or, as imagery brought to life with your words! However, it is not a must.

Perhaps you like art! Create a masterpiece and explain what inspired you to do it!


I want to hear from you! It must be your ideas and your work. If you choose to work with a friend (or friends), then make sure their names are included in the entry. Have fun doing it! Pour passion into your work and create something you’re proud of.

All entries MUST be recieved by email to before 01/09/2020


We respect your child’s privacy, which is why your child’s work will be published on the site with their age and first name. If you want a photo of your child featured then please send it along with written permission for Kellie’s Tutoring to use it on the site and, potentially, for marketing purposes (if it’s really awesome), to the email address above.