Lock-down Summer is here! You are part of the first generation to have a Summer in lock-down. Your flights might be cancelled. Your favourite Summer Camp might be closed. Your day-trips and excursions might be scratched.

Flights Cancelled!

Camps Closed!

Day-Trips Scrapped!

So, what do you do?

Do not fear! We have some awesome Summer Challenges that will save you from boredom! There are four challenges for you to enter, which you can do weekly!

The winners will have their masterpieces showcased on Kellie’s Tutoring website for the world to see! After-all, your creations could save another child from the insanity of boredom!

So, battle boredom, become a hero and take part!

                                                                                          Good luck and enjoy!

Warning – this summer challenge is NOT school work! It is NOT a trick to get you to do homework or to study. It is EDUCATIONAL. But, education does NOT mean work.

Consider this: if you play video games, what MUST you do? Go through the tutorial. Practice the moves, the buttons and the game play. Only then can you advance and play the game. What about when you get a new phone? You have to test out the settings and the apps, so that you can use it fully. If you want to know what take-out place to choose, you have to do your research. You might look at reviews, ask your friends, or try it out yourself! This is learning! Gathering info and using it. Important, isn’t it? Fun too, right? Who doesn’t want to play video games, eat pizza and chat to their friends via WhatsApp or Zoom?

Well, this is a chance to hone your skills, have fun and share your voice on a platform! You choose what to do and how to do it, while serving your community – other young people!

Click on the button for your age group to accept your challenge. Whether you choose to design a new skin for a video game character, write your own story, or bring to life your song, there is something for you to enjoy!


Have you finished your GCSEs, Btechs or A-levels? Or, maybe you are about to enter the final year of your course. Then, this summer challenge is just for you! Why? You can put this on your CV. Imagine how good it would look to prospective employers, colleges and Universities, if you have work to showcase from a competition? It serves to demonstrate your enthusiasm, your eagerness to challenge yourself, and your willingness to be part of a community and share your ideas.